Summer Wedding Hair Inspiration!

The summer can be an ideal time for a wedding. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it’s the perfect time for a vacation! However, the summer heat comes with its own set of problems when it comes to your wedding hair style. But not to worry! We have over a decade of bridal hair styling experience under our belts to help you tread the line between beautiful and practical with these five gorgeous summer wedding hairstyle ideas.

Hairstyle #1: Textured, Curled Updo


Best for: Medium length, normal-fine textured, layered hair

Hair style trends right now are largely about showing off fabulous texture that’s wavy, piecey, soft and moveable. These updos feature that must-have texture throughout the hair, finished off with loosely pinned textured curls. This updo can be set off to the side or centered, looks great with a variety of accessories and veils, and also works great if you want to incorporate a fun braid or twist detail. The textured hair will hold up well in heat and humidity, and pinning the hair off of your neck will keep you cool and looking picture perfect for hours after your “I Dos”.

Hairstyle #2: Textured, Twisted Updo


Best for: Medium-long, layered hair. Fine, normal or thick texture

A variation on the Textured, Curled Updo, these hairstyles have all the same benefits while featuring interesting twists and criss-cross features for a look that’s both simple and modern. This look works great as a simple twisted bun, or also as a modern take on the classic French twist!

Hairstyle #3: Soft Pinned Curl Updo


Best for: Medium-Long layered hair, normal-thick in texture

Pinned curl updos have been around since the invention of the hair pin, but today’s take on this classic style has soft, bouncy curls, interesting twists and loops, touchable piece-y texture and often loose strands for that perfectly “undone” look. Subtle variations of this style allow it to be appropriate for any event, from a barefoot beach wedding to a black tie ballroom affair.

Hairstyle #4: Gathered V Curls


Best for: Long hair with long layers, medium-thick texture

So you understand that an updo is the more practical choice in the summer, but you LOVE your gorgeous long hair and want to show it off. Consider instead gathering your curls into a tousled “V” shape. This style works amazingly well with strapless and plunging back gowns, can be done with either curly or wavy hair, hair combs, individual sprigs of flowers or hair vines, and it’s also a fun style to incorporate a braid into! Your hair will be securely pinned in place while still being down around your shoulders the way you love it. It’s the perfect happy medium.

Hairstyle #5: Side Swept Meets Side Pony


Best for: Long hair with long layers, normal-thick in texture.

Another way to wear your hair down, while still having it pinned securely in place, is the “side swept meets side pony” style. This style is more “down” than a pony, yet has more interest than a simple side sweep. Once hair is curled, pulling back a few strategic pieces into interesting loops, twists or braids will keep it secure off your face and neck, while still showing off your gorgeous long locks.