LIMELIFE by alcone is going global!

In 2018, LimeLife by Alcone began their international expansion to countries across the globe beginning with CANADA on March 5, 2018!

We are also thrilled to announce our expansion to the UK (United Kingdom),
France and Brazil!

Other countries slated to launch in 2019 include  Germany, Ireland, Spain and Australia!

Our international expansion has been made possible from a joint venture between L'Occitane and LimeLife by Alcone. Thanks to the values, culture, high end products and honest business practice LimeLife by Alcone possesses, L'Occitane has partnered with LimeLife to take the our brand worldwide!


The information on this page pertains to the Canada launch ONLY. If you are interested in being on a waiting list to receive information for a different country, please click HERE and fill out the form and let us know what country you're from.



canadian starter kit

Get your business off to the very best start with our introductory Canadian Starter Kit. This kit comes in 3 different shades – dark, medium, and light – and contains $682 CAD in product, plus catalogs and essential business-building materials, for only $212 CAD! See full details on the Canadian Start Kit here.

Click here for information on how you can sign up as a LimeLife Beauty Guide for FREE in Canada.


canadian career and compensation plan

Click here to view the complete 17-page LimeLife by Alcone Career and Compensation plan which defines how much an Independent Beauty Guide can earn from any given volume of business or level of performance, in addition to helping you set and achieve realistic and achievable business building goals.

Click here to view the LimeLife Canada Career Plan at a Glance.

canadian product pricing

Click here for a product list showing the USA vs Canada Retail pricing of LimeLife products. (Spoiler: Canadian prices are approx 25% higher to account for the USD-CAD exchange rate).


limeLIfe in canadA FAQ

Click here for a product list showing the USA vs Canada Retail pricing of our products. (Spoiler: Canadian prices are 25% higher to account for the USD-CAD exchange rate).


Click here to see details of the LimeLife Fast Start rewards program which enables you to earn up to $990 in free product credits and CASH when you meet certain performance benchmarks within your first 100 Days as a Beauty Guide.


canada hostess reward program

As a thank you for helping us spread the word about our amazing LimeLife products, we offer a great Host Program that allows you to receive free products and shipping. Not only is a Beauty Show fun, it is an opportunity for your guests to find new ways to feel amazing every day. After your show reaches $625 PRV, you will receive a 5% hostess credit on the total product sales from your Beauty Show and Free Shipping!