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A LimeLife by Alcone Star Director Team  |  A part of Team Genesis and the FACE Crew
Led by Dallas based pro makeup artist, founding LimeLife Beauty Guide, executive leader and Top 25 company seller for two consecutive years, Erin Blair Gobin

Welcome to the Illuminators Team Opportunity site!
Here you will learn everything you need to know about the Limelight by Alcone business opportunity,
including our global launch which began with Canada on March 5th, 2018!

global launch

LimeLife by Alcone began its global expansion in March 2018. Get all the details on our global expansion, and details specifically on becoming a Founding Canadian Beauty Guide including the fast start and compensation plan, product and shipping prices and more by clicking below.

our #limelife stories

Four executive leaders, four different stories! Hear from a professional makeup artist, a working mom, and a stay-at-home mom that came from another direct sales company. Learn why they all chose Limelight and how they found their home here.


The Illuminators Team at Limelightpalooza, Austin, TX, July 2017

The Illuminators Team at Limelightpalooza,
Austin, TX, July 2017

join our team

Learn what makes LimeLiIfe and the Illuminators team special and how you can be a part of it!


Click here to hear from one of our team's Founding Canadian Beauty Guides and professional makeup artist, Bri Stein, on why she made the decision to join LimeLife.

our product line

Alcone Co has been in the professional cosmetics industry since the 1950s, which is why their product line is comprised of the best of the best pro products that have been used by professional makeup artists for decades. 

Is direct sales right for you?

In this video, Erin talks about what a job in direct sales involves. What are you expected to do? Will you have to hold parties? Harass your friends on social media? Watch this video to find out.

Erin Blair Gobin, Founding International Beauty Guide and Executive Star Director for LimeLife by Alcone  |  (214) 302-9194  |